Ladies Morning Group Sessions 

​​Please Note: One on one sessions & semi private sessions also available.

MINI Aces 

By starting with fundamental and functional movement skills we create the athlete first, then the tennis player.
We concentrate on agility, kicking, push and pull, striking, locomotion, catching, balance, jumping, visualization and awareness, rotation, core strength and throwing.

Tiny Tots

Students hone skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, locomotion, push and pull, visualization and rotation, hand-eye coordination, balance, ball striking and development of core stability.

Adult batches and Cardio tennis 

Baseline Bombers

The movement skills are incorporated into every lesson while introducing the 4 fundamental components of tennis:
Technical : Learning correct swing patterns with well-established grip changes
Tactical : Learning basic court positioning and game strategies
Physical : coordination activities such as footwork, multi-direction running and strength training
Psychological : Introduction of routine preparation and mental conditioning, basic long-term and short-term goal setting.